How to Elevate your Video Calls with Blinds


Video conferencing has become commonplace in many job roles and often it serves as an important first impression for clients and interviewers. Getting lighting correct can elevate your video calls to a professional standard and it’s really easy if you know how.

Webcams automatically focus and adjust to the brightest source of light, so try to light from the front if you can. If you don’t then your webcam may end up focussing on the light source and not on you, resulting in a washed out and grainy image.

Go au naturale

Natural light is great because it’s free, readily available and requires no setup or technical skills. Controlling natural light isn’t always easy though, which is why we recommend a good set of Venetian Blinds to give you the control you need.

The rotating slats can be used to precisely direct light in or can be drawn to block light from behind you.


Combining your source of natural light with artificial lights is also possible and you can achieve the equivalent of a three point lighting setup by doing so.

Try artificial lighting

Alternatively, you could opt for total control and use only artificial lighting. If you choose this method you will want to block out any interfering natural light with a set of blinds.

Not only will this reduce sunlight but the flat profile will look cleaner and more attractive than a ruffled up pair of curtains.

We recommend Sun-Control Blinds, Fabric Blinds or Bamboo Blinds, all of which are great options, depending on the amount of light you want to block and whether the blind is visible in the background.

Pick your backdrop

Despite sounding obvious a lot of people still overlook the importance of their background during a video call.

A good background could be as simple as a plain wall, set of blinds or a curated bookshelf, just keep it simple and free from anything that could distract attention.

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If you’d also like to keep pesky mosquitoes away and stay comfortable during your video calls, check out our guide on selecting the mosquito net that’s best for you.



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