Mosquito Net Buying Guide

Mosquito Nets

Looking to buy a mosquito net but not sure where to start? Don’t worry about it! This handy guide will take you through everything you need to know, from the different varieties and net materials to the pros and cons of each one. 

Without further ado, let’s begin with the different Mosquito Net types.

Hook and Loop Mosquito Net

First up, Hook and Loop Mosquito Nets – the most affordable Mosquito Nets. You can use them on almost any windows and doors. You can remove them and reapply as many times as you need. Don’t worry, there will be no loss in grip (just don’t overdo it). 

Simple and unassuming, they are ideal if you are staying in a rented accommodation or you are on a budget.

Aluminium, Fiberglass, Polymer & Stainless Steel meshes work well with Hook and Loop

Hinged Openable Mosquito Net

Next up, Hinged Openable Mosquito Nets. They’re more refined than Hook & Loop nets and are best suited if you’re looking for a sturdier, longer term and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Openable Mosquito Net Windows and Doors are housed within a strong aluminium frame fitted with your choice of mesh and are easy to operate.

Fiberglass, Aluminium & Stainless Steel meshes go well with Hinged Openable Windows and Doors

Roll up Mosquito Net

Finally, Retractable Roll up Mosquito Net which can be fitted for doors or window frames. The main advantage with this mosquito net is that it can be rolled up by hand with the built-in spring loaded mechanism. This is particularly useful if you don’t want a fixed net and would prefer to choose when it is open or drawn.

They are the least intrusive solution and are better suited to  doorways and windows that are frequently used or open to a view so good, you don’t want any obstructions.

Roll up systems come fitted with Fiberglass mesh

But what mosquito net material is best?

If you’ve noticed, most Mosquito Net types can be fitted with a range of meshes made of different materials.

Choosing the right mesh material is as important as choosing the mosquito net type so let’s explore them in detail.

Fiberglass Mosquito Net

Fiberglass mosquito net comes in varying qualities to match any price range. It’s a flexible option that allows a good amount of light and ventilation to circulate the room.

Saint Gobain fiberglass meshes are of industry leading quality with a lifespan of 3 – 5 years.

Tuflex meshes are of premium quality with a lifespan of up to 3 years.

Unbranded meshes, on the other hand, are good quality meshes that are of great value and will last around 2 years before needing to be replaced.

Stainless Steel Mosquito Net

If you require something more robust and long term why not consider Stainless Steel?

All of our stainless steel meshes are made from high quality water resistant (304) SS mesh. Stainless Steel is the only material that prevents rats, squirrels and other rodents but remains equally effective against mosquitos and lizards.

Polymer Mosquito Net

Polymer is the only material that comes in a wide array of colours, designs and patterns.

So if you’re looking for a mesh that will protect you and look great at the same time Polymer is the best choice for you.

Aluminium Mosquito Net

Aluminium is an intermediate mesh that is both strong and lightweight.

It is ideally suited to beachfront areas due to its non-corrosive properties. It is best deployed to prevent insects, mosquitoes and lizards (we do not recommend aluminium if you’re looking to prevent rats).

Hopefully, by now you should have decided which Mosquito Net type and material is best for you. So what do you do next? Get you Mosquito Net installed!

How you ask? By booking your free demo. Don’t worry if you haven’t decided yet, you can decide during the demo. It’s free with NO conditions applied.


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