7 well known and not so well known Uses of Shade Net

Shade Net Hero

Want to know how shading nets can help you? Learn about their uses and benefits in this useful guide.

Shading nets come in a range of forms to suit many applications, you may know them as agro shades, green nets, or plastic netting. 

But which one is which? The answer, simply put is that they are all very similar products but tweaked and manufactured for your very own bespoke purpose.

1. Agriculture and Horticulture

Green Shade Net for Agriculture, Gardens, Nurseries
These types of shading nets are commonly referred to as agro nets, they are used to create greenhouses and provide protection to crops and nurseries. Their main purpose is to shade sunlight and provide optimum growing conditions for a successful yield.

2. Scaffolding

Dust Control Scaffolding Net
Scaffolding Nets are similar in manufacture to agricultural shading nets, they are built to provide shade and protect workers from minor debris, dust and adverse weather conditions. Unlike agricultural shading nets you can request reinforced edging and eyelets. In addition to this certain nets can be printed on to advertise your business or brand.

3. Rooftop Shading

Rooftop Terrace Garden Shade Net
Rooftop Shading can help you manage intense summer temperatures and sky high energy bills. These nets are installed across the roof of your premises to provide shade and conduct cool temperatures into the rooms below.

4. Pool Shading

Pool Shading is ideal for providing partial shade over swimming pools and sunbathing areas.

These sail shaped fabric coverings come in almost every colour you can think of and can be overlapped to provide cover for larger areas if required.

5. Patio Shading & Balcony Shading

This type of shading is built to reflect away UV rays and keep your desired area cool and comfortable. 

With many colour options and the ability to overlap them for a stylish look they’re perfect for patios and balconies, they can even be taken down in the cooler months and cleaned ready for the next use.

6. Shamianas and Tents

Shading nets are also useful for creating shamiana tents and other communal coverings.

For those with large communal areas or gardens a well placed shading net can give you a little decorative flair, while creating the perfect shaded spot to relax and get away from the sun.

7. Floor Coverings

Shading nets can be used as floor coverings for decorative purposes along walkways during functions or in place of mats or carpets during large meetings or gatherings.


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